Music Mondays: because life’s better with a soundtrack.


This winter has been an amazing time of music discovery for me!

First, there was my new big band obsession, Mitch Shiner and his BloomingTones and then this “discovery.”

I’m a big fan of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, and love the breadth of musicians they bring to the series. The truth is, most of the artists featured on TDC don’t really do it for me. A cursory, curious listen is often all I need. But when an artist really hits it…? Man, is it a ride!

It wasn’t the headliner that caught my eye on this hit – it was jazz/americana crossover luminary Bill Frisell. He’s a guitarist par excellence and it’s always worth checking out a project with which he’s involved.

Well, I’m hooked!

I’ve been trying to find some non-Mumford Band roots music I could really sink my teeth into and this is it.

Check out the deep melancholy and sense of place Amidon, Frisell, and bassist/percussionist Shahzad Ismaily create in these three Tiny Desk cuts. Then check out the depth they create with additional instrumentation on the album.

Man, when Amidon’s vocals come in on Blue Mountains? “Daaaah-da-dah…”

I’m sold.

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