Music Mondays: because life’s better with a soundtrack.


Having grown up in a pentecostal church, I rode the wave of mediocre CCM (that’s Contemporary Christian Music) like a champion surfer. It wasn’t until my late teen years that I started to question how a faith that claims to have a direct line of communication with the Creator could produce such inferior art. Clearly this wasn’t always the case. So much of the history of great art (though certainly not all of it) was created in the name of God.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see artists exploring themes of humanity through the lens of their faith instead of “creating” as proselytizing automatons. David Bazan was doing it years ago (and his searching led him to abandon his faith). Of course The Atlantic touted Sufjan Stevens as the poster boy of this anti-movement. I’ll take it. At least it’s happening.

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