…and I don’t feel any different.

Ben Gibbard’s words from this epic album feel rather prescient today (is that album really ten years old?).

This was probably one of the least quiet, calm holiday seasons I’ve endured in a few years. So little time to slow down and reflect on Christmas and the New Year in spite of my best efforts.

There are definitely big things ahead this year, but I’ve had so little time to think about them. I’m looking forward to growth in 2013 and thrilled to start this year with our local iteration of Seth Godin’s Icarus Session (please, if you’re nearby, come!). There are no resolutions this year; only small steps year-long.

It was great to share NYE with my family (including the smiling face in the picture) and I can’t wait to see our little family’s fourth(!) smiling face this year.

So, here’s to the new year…

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