As I mentioned, This was a challenging New Year. It wasn’t until the 1st that I really started to think about what I was going to change this year. I’ve attempted *-a-day challenges and resolutions in the past to no avail and I wasn’t necessarily interested in attempting another promise to myself that I was unlikely to fulfill.

So, this year, I’ve decided to commit to doing twelve of things – one each year:

  • We’ll create at least one memory event for our daughter each month. (Los and the Whittaker clan are amazing at this)
  • I’ll read two books each month (and review each)
  • Matt (of Penny and Finn) and I will be doing a monthly portrait project
  • And I’ve got a couple weeks to add one or two more

It’s liberating to have the whole month of January to think about what meaningful change I can create in my life this year. I’ve been inspired by my friends and things like the 12×12 project and look so forward to 2013.

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