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Starting Your Stationery Project Right

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Letterpress

You know what? I can’t for the life of me remember envelope sizes.

Sure – A7 inserts are 5×7 and 4bar are 3.5×5 (or is it 3.5×4.875?), but the rest? I’ve got nothing.

Having to try to remember or, worse yet, look these things up at the start of a project must be some sort of decision fatigue, right?

So, instead, I’ve automated the creation of artboards for design projects with templates. It has saved me an incredible amount of time over the years and it can save you, too.

I’ve made the templates available for purchase here – it’s more than 100 artboards for $15.

When you download them, let me know what you think – what are they missing? Which ones are most useful to you? I’ll keep refining them with your feedback in mind!

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