State of the Art is our not-so-regular series where we highlight the work of those in our industry who knock our socks off.  We are proud to be part of such a vibrant, creative industry and strive to create work as excellent as that which we highlight here.

Blindpress is the process of letterpress printing without inking the type or photopolymer plate.  The result is a beautiful un-colored impression that is even more striking when combined with inked designs.

We first saw these save the dates in the state of the art | save the dates post.  It’s a beautiful example of a hand-drawn design translated to letterpress by Gus & Ruby Letterpress.

Gourmet Invitations did these stunning invitations with a hint of the floral motif printed in blindpress in the corner of the invitation card.  The subtlety of its presence keeps the design cohesive without overwhelming the type on the page.

These business cards for baby photographer Maylin Brito are wildly understated and beautiful.  They were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Weddings Unveiled did a spotlight on Subtle Glances Letterpress and featured this invitation in my favorite color combination: blue, grey, and blindpress.  The belly band of this suite has a busy, textural imprint that sets of the simplicity of the invitation.

Another one from Oh So Beautiful Paper, this invitation features Betsy Dunlap‘s calligraphy and blindpress representation of the banks of the Mississippi in NOLA.

This suite by one of my favorites, 42 Pressed, has a rich, heavy woodgrain pattern blindpressed for an impressive texture.  Many thanks to the Wedding Row for pointing this one out!

Lastly is the business card of one of my favorite photographers, Amelia Lyon.  Her lion motif is blindpressed on the back of her card.  If you notice, the card itself has no text on it.  All type was printed on a sticker and stitched to the card (one of my favorite stationer details).

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