Tracking RSVPs may be one of the largest challenges of inviting a large guest-list to an event.  Whether it’s dealing with guests who take it on themselves to include a +1 or those who refuse to send their response card and, instead, call or email.

A particularly challenging aspect is deciphering the handwriting of the respondent – is that “Mr. and Mrs. Barking Camel” or “Bruce Carson?”  An easy solution is personalized Response Cards, where each respondent is printed or written by a calligrapher on the card.  This leaves no question who’s replying.

If this option is outside your budget or not in line with your style, there’s still hope.  Since you’re already tracking your guests with a spreadsheet (you’re using a spreadsheet, right?), add a number column to your table and use those numbers to track your responses.  You can surreptitiously mark them in graphite or boldly print them in ink (as I’ve done here – remember:I’m a designer, not a calligrapher!).

With this trick, an illegible or blank response card will be trackable and you won’t be stuck calling everyone who didn’t respond to see who the recalcitrant is.

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