This rather traditional-looking suite was inspired by this wedding, photographed by the incomparable Amelia Lyon.  In particular, I was fascinated by this picture and the tailoring of the jackets:

a navy jacket with bright green long stitches

I’ve been following Amelia’s work for a while now and, while I am always inspired by her output, something particular about this wedding (and this photo in general) stuck out.  Apparently I’m not the only one it stuck out at; Junebug Weddings named it one of the Best of the Best of 2009!  There’s something about that green (and the stitching!) that screams “classy.”  I wanted to emulate the class (and to some extent, palette) of this photograph with this stationery suite.

The invitation, response card, and table numbers are each bordered by machine-stitched thread matching the letterpress printed elements.  The Iron Cross graphic element represents the union of the bride and groom.  Escort cards and envelope addresses are digitally printed in-house.  The staid solemnity of the small-capitals Trajan Pro is foiled by the raucous handwriting of Byron.

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