As it turns out, you can judge a book by its cover.

A lot of the wedding albums on the market today leave me cold.  Many of them  don’t reflect the sacred experiences, a signpost near the beginning of a great journey, that their pages capture.

My friend Matt tells some beautiful stories. He captures the soul of some very lovely and inspiring events. We were discussing one day the need to share with his clients an album that reflects the carefully crafted experience of their day and a seed was planted.

From that seed grew this. A journal of sorts, chronicling the atmosphere of each couple’s passage into marriage, celebrated with friends and family. Reminiscent of a seaman’s log or a traveler’s journal,  this leather-clad album has no cover (though the back is mounted to bookboard) and is bound by posts to maintain an air of a work-in-progress, ready for the next page at any moment.

A wedding’s a great day, but it’s only the first of many in a marriage.

This album is an exclusive of Matthew R. Photo. If you’d like one for your wedding day, contact him for rates and availability.

If you’d like to embark on a different kind of bookbinding project with me, send me a note describing what you’re looking for.

(photos by Matthew R. Photo)

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