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the national stationery show | what we missed

by | May 24, 2010 | Letterpress | 2 comments

If you, like me, missed the National Stationery Show in New York last week, you clearly missed some amazing products and people!  I’ve spent the last week living vicariously through the amazing posts of several wonderful blogs and wanted to share them with you. (post-publication links are in italics)

Invitation Buzz had the first post I saw from the show.  They followed it up with five more really great posts. (and perhaps my favorite, an ode to the business cards of NSS)

Felt and Wire gave us three great posts, this one highlighting the calligraphy of Debi Zeinert.  Check out the crazy cool coasters in this post.  There’s more cool NSS swag here.

Wiley Valentine‘s focus is on the food.  Here’s a nice little post with some paper-content and here’s another chronicling their annual visit to Mario Batali’s pizza joint.

There are to nice posts from the mint design blogPetit Mots is featured here, while part 2 features a common focus of these roundups: Rifle Paper, who I burst in on the week before the show during a visit to Mama’s Sauce print shop. (And now there’s a third post here, a small feature on The Great Lakes here, and check out the calendar print here.  Bird Dog Press is featured here and Maginating here.  Elum has some AMAZING designs and is featured here.  Hammerpress‘ well-displayed collection can  be seen here.  Three new ones to kick of Memorial Day weekend.  Check out the pencil tips letterpressed here. Check out egg press here.  Do you like promotional pieces?  Check these out.)

The HOW blog dropped a quick note with a few links and one picture.

Paper giant Envelopments had a couple posts about the show.

Design Sponge‘s thematic posts were excellent, featuring animals, home/food, and florals (there’s Rifle again!). Now there’s a non-card roundup, too.

Something Creative Daily had an excellent five part series:

  • I Love Suzy Jack*
  • Get Enormous (some cute animals here)
  • Printing on Wood
  • Write on with Kids (one of my favorites!)
  • Standout Paper

Emily Ley‘s “me and so-and-so”-style post is here.  It followed a recap of her experience.  If you haven’t seen her work, you should.

Red Oak Press posted a nice shot of their booth and a sigh of relief that the melee was over.

Atelier Isabey‘s post gave a little insight into their booth design.  And what a cool name!

Check out how Greenwich Letterpress exhibited their cards at the show.

Oh So Beautiful Paper‘s (now) 9-part series is the best overview I’ve seen of the show.  They say there’s more to come!

  • part 1 features (again) the work of local favorite, Rifle Paper
  • part 2 highlights the amazing line by INK+WIT – such cool designs and products!
  • In part 3, I’m particularly fond of Sapling‘s “we go together like” series
  • part 4 includes the über-cool urubbu
  • The typography geek in me geeked out over a. favorite design‘s typographic cards in part 5
  • Check out Regas in part 6, with their lasercut wood save the date and brilliant color scheme
  • part 7 is just all-around cool
  • There’s all sorts of non-paper products in part 8
  • Part 9 just went up this morning and is chock full of awesome-ness
  • There’s ton’s of goodness waiting in post 10, released after publication of this post
  • OSBP is out of control!  Here’s post 11 in this series!  There are some of my faves plus some pictures of Crane’s hand-edging.

The subject of so many posts, Rifle Paper, has managed only one post themselves.  I bet things have been extremely busy for them since the show!

INK+WIT‘s post serves as a great primer for anyone planning to attend the show (like us) and covered the good and band (no ugly) of show prep and execution.

Check out Wiley Valentine‘s booth, which they shared in this post.

Invitation Buzz gave a shoutout to Jennifer Carroll Designs in this post-show post.

And HOW IN THE WORLD did I miss this amazing set from Crow and Canary?  So glad Carina posted in the comments below!

  • Here’s a pre-show breakdown of must-checks
  • This sneak peak featuring stewart/stand is much welcome – what cool stuff!
  • Albertine Press gets this sneak peek
  • I particularly dig this fly-by of day one.  First impressions are big and this is the stuff that caught Carina’s eye
  • 2011 isn’t all that far away. Here are some hip calendars to prove it
  • I now love Wild Pulp, thanks to this
  • I’m a big fan of color, on brilliant display here
  • Check out all the giftwrap displayed at this year’s NSS
  • The cover illustration on this one
  • Here‘s an ode to the home I’ve never seen – the designers of the Pacific Northwest
  • Like letterpress?  I do!  Check this out
  • Here are some great patters

What a cute post from Albertine Press – a kid’s-eye view of the show!

For those of us that haven’t been to the show yet, Pistachio Press‘ excellent recap is a great primer on all things NSS.  Get thee to Pistachio now to read it, then bookmark it for closer to next show.

Why didn’t anyone tell me about Paper Crave?  There were some great sneak peaks, but look at this coverage!

This will hopefully be the last NSS that I miss.  Who knows?  We may even exhibit next year! In the meantime, these great posts will tide me over (and hopefully will for you, too).



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