Well, we are giving it away, actually.  See, as a startup in the event stationery market, we can’t afford to print our sample pieces just yet.  So, in exchange for you taking the best-thing-you-ever-did-besides-agree-to-marry-your-fiancé risk of contracting us to do your wedding invitations, we’re giving away our services for free!  All we ask is for five copies of your invitation suite to add to our sample book.

What we’re looking for are two couples with weddings in June or July 2010 who would love champagne invitations on a beer budget.  You’ll need to pay printing, but our services will be free.  If you want a more traditional invitation (as in “printed on some sort of paper”), be prepared to have them letterpressed (usually around $4 and up per invitation).  Other, more non-traditional (laser-etched on cork (or meat), screenprinted on fabric, you get the point) are welcome as well – the wilder the idea, the better the chance of being picked.

If we get quite a few inquiries, we’ll be picking our favorites to work with.  We’re looking for adventurous couples with adventurous themes and ideas for their weddings.

If you’re up for it, leave a comment.

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