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how much is enough?

Striking the balance of adequate information information and adequate whitespace is the Stationers’ Dilemma. On a recent menu project, the input I received from the client and the chef were pretty far removed from one another. (Fortunately, the client and the...

creative mornings

If you’re a creative professional (and I think most wedding planners, designers, caterers, et al are) and you live in a town with a regular Creative Mornings meeting, you should be attending. They’re free, there’s food, and tons of inspiration. If,...

this guy gets it

We all get email that leaves us shaking our head. I think this is the first time I’ve done so in amazement. The subject was “No finer press than A Fine Press.” What a way to grab attention! G’Day (evening for you in FL) Matthew! Love the...


Please go read this and come back and tell me: Do you find this inspirational? Horrifying? Absurd? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this intersection of fashion, art, and body modification.

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