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Earlier today, Xochitl tweeted this: Return to the classics? A trend with Paper that I’m noticing with our clients. Stationers, what do you think? — Xochitl Gonzalez (@theblogsmaid) June 18, 2013 Since the Royal Wedding, pundits and...

I think I’d pee my pants

…if I saw this in the woods. Apparently some park employees thought this would be a fun gag. Clowns in general don’t scare me, but this Blair Witch/It mashup would terrify me. Yikes!  

how to: pin for a unique wedding

I didn’t think Pinterest was of much use to any wedding creative – stationers included – or engaged couple until we were able to collectively (group) pin and pin to secret boards. Now? It’s game on. Here’s the thing: most people are doing...

the arrival

What did you do last week? I had a kid. Well, actually, my wife had our kid. Our son was born last Wednesday – a big boy at 9lb 8oz, 21.5 in. One of the best things about this time around was getting to watch how our daughter handled the process. She had a...

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